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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:02 am
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Pulp Monsters Year in Review

Looking back on 2011 there were some remarkable things that happened and were follow-ups from some of the things started in 2010 and earlier.

One of the biggest events from 2011 was the release of the new Pulp Monster. Previews began in June and the monster was released later in the year. The monster stands between 5”-6” and is on a 80mm base. A hobbyist can assemble this monster in several formats- as an Elder, a mysterious and magical being, or simply a giant natural lizard that tromps through Pulp City. The parts list runs like this:
- 1 Body
- 2 Hands
- 1 reptilian Tail
- Set of arm and leg Fins
- 2 Wings
- 1 Dino head
- 1 Demon head
- 1 Monster from the Depths head
- 1 Eternal Slumberer head
- 1 Trident
- 1 80-mm base.

The options for the hobbyist are limitless.

A second big highlight for Pulp Monsters was that the print rulebook was so popular that the first edition, which was released late in 2010, sold out in 2011. This event led to some exciting details that will be coming up in 2012. Nothing can be better than a rule set being so popular that all the copies get sold.

Furthermore, we look back at the models that were released in 2011 as well as some models and ideas that were previews. Those items include:
Shadow Mask
Green Serpent
Terra Cotta Warriors
Crimson Onni
Foxxy Blade
Loup Garou
Doom Train
Jade Clan Asassins
Nuke II
Ace of Wraiths II
Night Fright and Leech

With all of these releases, we see a couple of the teams reaching their full potential, allowing players to create and play with complete Level 12 teams. Two of those teams are the Ulthar invaders and Heavy Metal.

It seems 2011 was also the year of the Ulthars, the iInvaders from space. We saw their team being realized and players can create their own level 12 teams at this point.

Finally, some hints were found on the Pulp City forums detailing information about new starter sets coming out in 2012. The hints say that each starter will be three Supremes, including one of each origin (mystery, science, and nature), and include a new version of one of the original Supremes.

Not being quite done, Morf released information on Facebook detailing a new line of miniatures called Reaver Lords. The setting for these models is a dark fantasy, somewhat adult oriented world with the models at 32 mm or bigger, which are full of action and character. The plan is to use the models in a new board game of some sort. Not a lot of information has been released as of yet about the new line.

With all these great things in the past, we can look forward to some exciting things in 2012:
New plans for the rules
Pulp Monster Rules
Continued model release and support for Pulp City
Reaver Lords

I hope all my comments are spot on, but if you find a mistake, please post below and I’ll update this article!

Please, let us know your thoughts on 2011 and what you think 2012 and beyond might hold for all of us here on the forums.

From all of us on the rules design team, fans, and forumites, welcome to Pulp Monsters 2012!

Bob Nolan

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:50 pm
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Very nice retrospective! A few additional comments:

1. The monster is one of the most amazing models I've picked up this year. I'm not usually a fan of resin but this is really, really nice.

2. Looking at the supremes released this year, we had some real winners... Loup Garou is among my favorite supremes at the moment and I suspect Perun will rapidly be joining him!

3. If last year was the year of the Ulthar then this is the year of the martial artist. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Jade Cult battle it out with Crimson Phoenix and his butt kicking buddies!

4. The starter... Even if I wasn't excited about the new supremes being introduced, we get a badass new Nuke with a model that rocks and rules that are even cooler?

2011 was awesome, but 2012? It's going to be fantastic!

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