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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:58 pm
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From the website (here)

Why Pulp City: Supreme Edition?

Because both us and our fans wanted a faster, more succinct and straight-forward engine to battle it out with our and their Supremes. Not that the old one was broken – it was, just like every other game, becoming overgrown with model specific rules.

First stage was asking the question: What makes Pulp City unique (and thus needs to be kept)?

Answers: Action Points resource management, team creation structure, all unique models and their rules, significance of Trumps.

Second question: What can be simplified and what is redundant at this stage of the evolution?

Answers: Movement, Skill system, Resources, Action descriptions, Conditions.

In my humble opinion, the true value of the game engine is shown in the very first demo game you play. Are you familiar with the game after 10 minutes after? Would it be too daunting to shove the demo guy aside and take control of your models?

Our aim was to make the basics super simple and not prone to interpretation. Rules that read like a mathematical equation but play like a cinematic picture.

Playing a Supreme is all about the power choice. All Pulp City players know the awesome feeling when their model grabs another model and tosses it across the battlefield. But first edition needed a specific Action for this to happen. Our goal was to imprint the myriad of choices into simple equations. The same Action can do the heroic throw or go for hyper damage. One Action, many outcomes, you decide.

Pulp Citizen (blog): link
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very nice post

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