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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:47 am
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My daughter Abby (age 5) loves comic books and super heroes. It has been frustrating to find her super hero type stuff that isn't ridiculously girly or so boyish that she won't like it. She loves that I play with my "guys" too, and has started copying my sculpting and painting and storytelling with her own guys using sculpy polymer clay. She wants her own super hero guys to paint too. Now we're making up our own kid comic stories with the Pulp City heroes. And since she loves Super Friends, Tiny Titans and Power Pack they revolve around baby/side kick characters to the teams in Pulp City. As with all kids stories, they don't reflect any rules or reality but are outgrowths of what the child thinks is fun. So Androida is married to Solar in Abby's world. :D

Is there any interest in more "X-baby" like heroes/villians beyond Acorn? I'm sculpting up a few of the characters she's thought up with me and I think they might be a fun addition to the Pulp City verse. I don't know when the next Supreme Genesis is or I'd be developing them for that.

Game-wise, they all have stats based around Acorn with some unique abilities that reflect their backgrounds. They're probably all level 1's.

Here's a summary of the characters and their stories from my daughter's bed time the last month or so.

Type: Heroes/Villians (because kids are arbitrary and capricious at times)
Faction: Heavy Metal
Subfaction: Mini-Metal
Story: Relatives (grand-nieces/nephews) of Iron Train, their mother had a tragic genetic deficiency with respect to modulating the metal levels in her body, their father (Dr. Kip Daniel Mirigliano, Ph.D., MD) is a scientist that figured out the cure too late to help his wife. The kids all have the same defect. Dad gave them a drug to help them deal with the extreme levels of metal they naturally maintain. In a freak accident involving some of their Dad's lab equipment and an attack by Nuke, their natural biochemistry reacted with the drug and gave them the ability to turn into super hero metal kids.

Moly Steel (Mildred Olivia Mirigliano, age 8, named after her grandmother), can increase the defensive abilities of buildings, vehicles, weapons, super strong for a kid and a natural leader. She takes karate and uses a metal bo staff to kick butt (my daughter is learning the bo right now so the leader had to have one :) ). She's silver.

Gold Rush (Gordon Reggio Mirigliano, age 7, named after grandfather), can turn into a liquid gold like substance that can move extremely fast and his manipulate density to hit hard or absorb damage without harm. He loves his family but he fights with Moly a lot and resents the fact that she's the real leader of the group. He's golden.

Bit & Byte, the twins.

Bit (Joseph Daniel Mirigliano, age 5), is a living toolbox and weaponsmith. He can turn his appendages into tools or he can modify and re-work existing machines to be more effective or damaging. He likes turning he hands into drill bits and modifying Wii game controllers with extra options so that he can beat his siblings at games. He's blue.

Byte (Jonathon Raymond Mirigliano, age 5), is able to meld with machines and vehicles and is a telemechanic. He is disabled and needs a wheel chair but often melds with cars or plans so he can move fast and freely. He has a group of special bots with him that are better than the standard bot resources and perform different functions (recon, assault, defense, etc.). He's purple.

Bit and Byte can act together to improve a piece of machinery to make it much better (attacking, speed, armor, etc.). In one of Abby's stories they take over a construction crane and save their Dad from Mourn.

Heap: The aftermath of the accident that created Mini-Metal also spilled over into the junkyard behind their Dad's lab. This radiation made part of the junk yard into the sentient being Heap. Heap is a huge, misunderstood monster, with a good heart. The Mini-Metal kids are a calming influence on him and prevent him from destroying parts of Pulp City when he is upset. Most of the time he spends his days in the junk yard making creations to talk to and watering his garden of metal sculptures. His personality is similar to Bizarro Superman. In my sketches and early sculpt studies he wears the hood of a buick as a cape.

Type: Heroes/Villians
Faction: The Forgotten
Sub-Faction: The Lost Ones
Story: At the same time that the Mirigliano kids were turned in young metal heroes, a dark plot was unfolding. Several disturbed businessmen were trying to summon three primal spirits of destiny to help them manipulate the market and gain influence in Pulp City without dealing with organizations like the Coven. The Bloodwatch arrived and tried to stop them, but they were too late. The businessmen completed the ritual and summoned the avatars of passion, luck and hunting/searching. Unfortunately for the businessmen, these spirits are fickle children and laughed while the Bloodwatch took the businessmen away before they disappeared. Now Pulp City has three more Forgotten to deal with.

Ashkar: The avatar of passion, she controls fire and the emotions of those around her. She considers herself the leader of the three but in general she just takes ideas from the other two and calls them her own. (Abby says that she has three pony tails and looks Egyptian. She also needs an ability called, "I'm Pretty!" in which people do what she says or she throws a tantrum). She can summon walls of sentient fire to do her bidding and protect her from harm.

Ragnar: The avatar of the hunt. He can affect people's drive and objectives, driving them into a frenzy until they accomplish their goals. He is an accomplished tracker and has a sarcastic sense of humor. He fights with hands that he can turn into wolf claws. He's the real leader of the three but he lets Ashkar think she is because she is bigger than him and she's pretty scary when she's mad. He can summon a pack of feral hunting spirits that resemble a cross between horned bears and wolves (you should see my daughter's picture of them, it's awesome!)

Ko-li: The avatar of mischief and luck. Ko-li loves games and thinks that he has a great sense of humor. He is always getting the other two into trouble but somehow he's never caught as the reason for it. He can manipulate the chance of success for those doing things around him as well as making them more confident that they can accomplish things, even when he stacks the deck against them. Ko-li can also summon three invisible poltergeists/spirits to mess with his opponents and make things more interesting.

The Bone Mother: Released to guard the young godlings, the Bone Mother is their caretaker. She is a cross between Kali and Grendel's hag mother. She is very powerful and protective of her charges, even though they are constantly trying to escape from her watch. She will do anything to keep them safe and will steal or kill if she thinks it will benefit the children.

Gamewise, each kid (from Mini-Metal or The Lost Ones) has access to nice team powers that really benefit the group they are with. However, unless there is more than one kid on the super team, the team loses 1 AP because they always have to keep an eye on the kid (The Revenge of the Babysat!). If two or more kids are on the team, they behave better because they keep each other busy.

Comments are welcome! I'm still learning the game but I'm having a blast with the characters and the minis.

Best Regards,


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:19 am
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Hi Chris,
this is so great!
Abby will love the winner of Supreme Genesis 3 as the UFO Enthusiasts will have a true teenage feel (I hope).

I'm not sure what's about the definite lack of child/teen miniatures. There is a couple of good ones on the market, love the Hasslefree ones.
I would bet that the hobby is really taken seriously in some places of the world so it is either big guns or big... you know.

You will have fun toying with Minion creation rules as Abby could create game feasible legions of teenage/child miniatures. And they could all end up marrying each other when the game is over!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:37 pm
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That is soooo cute :)

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:39 pm
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abbysdad wrote:
My daughter Abby (age 5) loves comic books and super heroes. It has been frustrating to find her super hero type stuff that isn't ridiculously girly or so boyish that she won't like it.

My daughter and I enjoy watching Justice League, Static Shock, and Samurai Jack on TV. We've also been reading Mouse Guard.

Metal Skirmish

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