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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 4:51 pm
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It's about time I have those ideas in my mind, but it took longer than I wished to put the ideas on paper.

Please, keep in mind I still never played a game yet, so those Supreme could easily be totally over powered or useless, I apologize in advance for that and I would be grateful if you let me know about the flaws.

If you want more explanations about there bakcground, I'll try to add more.

Powers & Skills:
Lucha Libre expertise, Supreme agility.

No one in San José knows who is behind the mask of El Colibri. Some people even think he is the totemic protector of Costa Rica. But when a gigantic monster coming from the sea laid devastation to the city, El Colibri couldn’t do anything to stop it. Despite his heroic actions this day, saving as much people as he could, El Colibri is ashamed by his failure to protect his city. His investigations to locate the beast lead him to Kodo Island but to find a way access it, he will need to spend some time around, gathering information in Pulp City. Beware Villains; there is a new contender in town, seeking to recover his honor.

Name: El Colibrí
Roles: Brawler
Level: 1
Alignment: Hero
Origin: Nature
Type: Living
Minion +: 0
Damage: 5
AP: 3
AP +: 1
Base Size: 30 mm
Movement: 4 Bounding
Sub-faction: Hero
:STR : 4
:DEF : 4
:ENG : 1
:AGL : 4
:MND : 4
:SPT : 3

Lunge: CCM :AGL Vs :DEF [AP: 1] FX: Damage 1.
EFX: Damage 1

Flying Hyper Huracanrana: CCM :AGL Vs :AGL (Weak/Flying) [AP: 2] FX: Grab and Throw
EFX: Damage 1; Stun

Tag!* [AP: 1] IST, :MND Vs T#6 FX: Self/Fatigue, Special/New Contender
EFX: None
New Contender: El Colibrí and one allied model, which is in contact with an enemy model, in 4 inches of him switch their position.

Brawler: Add +1 die to Combat Actions as Attacker against models in BtB.

High Flyer: as Attacker, El Colibri does not suffer Damages from Crash, but still suffers Stun.

Powers & Skills:
Drunken Sky Martial expertise, divine essence.

The Herald came to warn him. The Onis took her. She is one of the key, he has to save her. He had to take human shape and wander the world again. And now he is in Pulp City. Something is happening; the Onis are scheming with the Green Emperor. To recover the priestess the Wanderer needs allies, and fortunately the White Tiger is in town, this incarnation maybe don’t know him, but as they fought side by side centuries ago, The Wanderer knows he couldn’t find better help.

Name: The Wanderer
Role: Tank
Level: 2
Alignment: Hero
Origin: Mystery
Type: Outsider
Minion +: 0 + Herald
Damage: 10
AP: 3
AP +: 3
Base Size: 30 mm
Movement: 4 Sprint
Sub-faction: The Way
:STR : 5
:DEF : 5
:ENG : 2
:AGL : 5
:MND : 4
:SPT : 4

Stumble [AP: 1]
CCM :AGL Vs :AGL FX: Damage 1.
EFX: Damage 1; Stun.

Thirsty!* [AP:1]
IST, :SPT Vs T#6 FX: Self/Defend 1 and Immunity/Mind Control
EFX: Self/Heal 1; Self/Power Up 1.

The Seven Strikes of the Drunken Sky [AP: 3]
CCM :AGL Vs :DEF FX: Damage 2 and Extra Target 2.
EFX: Damage 1; Extra Target 2.

Tank: Tanks add +1 Die when Defending; and any Combat Action Roll used against Friendly models in BTB with the Tank may be directed against the Tank at the Tank player’s discretion.

Unpredictable: The Wanderer can also use Stumble as if it has RCT/BTB.

Elusive: any Combat Action Roll used against The Wanderer roll one less die.

Role: Infiltrator
Level: 2 Exclusive Minion (Unique)
Type: Outsider
Damage: 3
Base Size: 30 mm
Movement: 5 Wall Crawling (Stealth)

:STR : 3
:DEF : 4
:ENG : 1
:ENG : 4
:MND : 1
:SPT : 3

Scratch (Activation)
CCM :STR Vs :DEF FX: Suppress 1
EFX: Damage 1

Infiltrator: May be deployed anywhere outside of the enemy DZ.

Nine Lives: If the Herald is KO’ed, you can replace it in play, in contact of The Wanderer at the beginning of the next Effects phase with full life.

Ambush Attack: The Herald gains an additional die with the Momentum.

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