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PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 9:06 pm
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As this game takes place in the early 80s, I was inspired to create a hero who is the sum of his time.

The Thrilla

Malcolm Mills just wanted to make music and be happy. From early in his childhood he would entertain the elderly at nursing homes and dance in the park for extra money for his family. The boy was talented, and everyone knew we was destined for fame and fortune. However he never got a chance at the big time.

Like many kids from his neighborhood, Malcolm?s family was poor. They lived in an old section of town, in run-down and dilapidated buildings. Crime was rampant and people lived in fear of going outside. Things only got worse when Meyers Inc, determining that this site was perfect for their new mall, hired the street gang The Bulldogs to run everyone out.

One hot and muggy August day, the Bulldogs came in force. Armed with knives, bats, chains, and lead pipes; they started beating down all the innocents that got in their way. Something snapped inside Malcolm, and he knew he had to stop this madness. With a mighty scream of ?NOOOOO!?, Malcolm instinctively clapped his hands together twice. Might thunder claps erupted from his hands and stunned all the gang members present.

From out of nowhere, two men stood behind Malcolm. They were his backup dancers George and Horhey, and both were skilled in break-dance fighting! Malcolm shot his arm outwards, and with the sound of a bullwhip snapping, knocked down the gang leader through sheer force. Horhey and George leapt forward and the fight was joined. In short work the Bulldogs were fleeing and for the first time in ages all was quiet.

Malcom brought peace to his neighborhood and stopped Meyers Inc. from destroying his home. Since that day, Malcom has gone on to call himself The Thrilla. He has joined forces with another musical crime fighter, The Beat Box. Together they entertain the masses while fighting crime in the name of truth, justice, and the lyrical way!

The Thrilla
Hero, Mystery
Lvl 2
AP 5
DAM 10
MIN (4)
Annoying, Leader of Minions (2), Super Duo (Beat Box/MIN)

Whip Crack (AGI vs. Agility/ RNG 8/AP2)
Sonic. All friendly models are immune to Whip Crack.

CLAP CLAP (AP 1+ Special)
No matter where Thrilla is located, CLAP CLAP will bring one minion within 4 inches of Thrilla. For each additional AP spent, you may summon one additional minion.

Foot Stomp and Shout (AGI AU 3 / AP2)
All friendly models within Foot Stomp and Shout?s aura gain Annoying. This lasts until the end of the round unless Thrilla is knocked down or incapacitated.

Inspire (MIN/AP2+Special)
Target friendly supreme gain +2 movement, +1 addition inch for each extra AP spent. The speed boost last s only one activation and cannot be combined with Run*.

Team Power ? The Routine
For each minion within Thrillas SPI, a Break?n it Old School attack get +1 STR.

George and Horhey
Exclusive/Thrilla and Beat Box only
Level 1
Damage: 3 each
Break?n it Old School (STR vs DEF/ AP1)
If George or Horhey defeat an enemy minion in base to base combat, that minion is instead added to Thrilla?s / Beat box?s team. This does not affect exclusive minion models. The minion will only have one damage box.

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