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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:46 pm
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This latest Encounter outline pits A.R.C. against Heavy Metal in a battle that is played out both on the streets of Pulp City and in the perceptions of it's residents.

For anyone wanting to play this Encounter, here is a pdf link here.

Hearts and Minds

One man?s freedom fighter is another man?s terrorist.

Members of the Ape Revolution Committee are on the move, determined to make a point to the residents of Pulp City and the whole world. City officials have called in the forces of Heavy Metal to keep them in line. The Teams gather and tempers boil over, and so a battle brews up between the opposing forces. Citizens are all around, witnesses to the unfolding conflict ? whose side will they eventually see as right and worthy of their support? And all the while June Summers is reporting live on-scene to capture events as they happen?

Encounter Level: any as agreed by both players. One plays heavy Metal, the other A.R.C.
Heavy Metal - Heroes: the Heavy Metal Team may contain Heavy Metal Supremes and unaligned (no sub-faction) Heroes; the Team must contain more Supreme models and Supreme Levels of the Heavy Metal sub-faction than unaligned Heroes.
A.R.C. - Heroes or Villains: the A.R.C. Team may be Heroes or Villains (choose which before beginning the game). The A.R.C. Team may contain A.R.C. Supremes and unaligned (no sub-faction) Heroes or Villains; the Team must contain more Supreme models and Supreme Levels of the A.R.C. sub-faction than unaligned Heroes or Villains.
Main Objective: win hearts and minds - be seen to be the victors in the eyes of the Citizens.
Game Length: 6 Game Rounds.
Set-Up: set up a battlefield to represent an area of Pulp City; in doing so deploy two 30mm Conflict Zone Tokens; these are placed along the central ?line? of the board parallel to the two deployment zones ? place each Token 4 inches from the centre spot of the board along this line. Teams are deployed on opposing sides of the table within 6 inches of one of the long table edges.

Special Rules: the following special rules are in effect:
? Citizens: the game takes place in a fairly busy part of the city; deploy a number of Citizens equal to twice the Encounter Level.
? At the Scene: June Summers is on the spot to record events as they unfold, maybe Howler tipped her off or one of her sources came through. June Summers cannot be used by either side in the normal way. Instead she is deployed by the player losing the Starting Roll to decide who sets up first; she must be deployed between 4 and 8 inches from one of the Conflict Zone Tokens. She may be Activated by either player in place of a Supreme Activation, and is subject to the normal limit of Actions she may use in a Game Round. AP for her Actions are paid from the Activating player?s pool. June?s AGP scoring is modified as follows (maximum of 3 additional AGP per player):
    - Broadcasting Live: Use as written.
    - Bloody Good Story: Use as written; the player Incapacitating or Eliminating the opposing Supreme gains the extra AGP.
    - Titans Clash: Both sides score 1 AGP when this applies.
? Agendas: Agendas may be used, but instead of the normal limit, one Agenda may be chosen per unaligned Supreme in your Team. If no unaligned Supremes are included in a Team, then only one Agenda may be selected.

Victory Conditions: score 1 AGP per Supreme Level of friendly models fully within 4 inches of either Conflict Zone Token (Incapacitated Supremes do not count) and 1 AGP per enemy Supreme Level Incapacitated or Eliminated at the end of the Encounter; reduce this score by AGP by 1 per Citizen your side Eliminates through use of Actions. If one side or the other Eliminates June Summers through the effects of their Actions, then they automatically lose the game.

Pulp Citizen (blog): link
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