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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:58 pm
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In the alleyways and seedy backrooms of Pulp City, the criminal element speak in hush tones of beast that hunts them by night. Fragmented descriptions and bewildered blathering of white with fear hoodlums and gangsters give vague evidence of the new vigilant working in the shadows of Pulp City.

A hulking beast, some say. Others mention a swift, lithe darkness flitting across their vision. One thing each encounter has in common is the bloodied and bruised bodies left behind.

Shadowclaw likes having a low profile. Working in the shadows and rarely being seen even by the one man he trusts with his life; the Supreme vigilant, Dead Eye.

“He has demons, that boy.” Dead Eye has been heard to say.
“And a fierce sense of justice that borderlines on the extreme. I’d have him at my back when it gets down to the dirty work though. He can work as a team player when I call on him.”

Little is known about Shadowclaw’s background. Captain Hadron has made the assumption that Shadowclaw is more than likely a mutant. When he is seen working with other Supremes he has the appearance of a tall were-cat. Or rather a were-panther. A muscular, athletic build covered with short black fur and a feline head. Shadowclaw looks to be around 6ft 7in tall but this is speculation due to his constant crouching or some trick of the light that the other Supremes cannot explain. His speed and movement is akin to an Olympic level gymnast. Shadowclaw is known for ferocious hand to hand combat in which he rarely uses his claws to inflict permanent damage, rather leaving enough left for the authorities to patch up and send to prison.

LVL 2 Brawler
Name: Shadowclaw
ORG: Nature
Hero/Villain (Freelance)

AP: 4
AP+: 2

Movement: Bounding 5 (Stealth)

STR: 5 (Trump)
DEF: 4
ERG: 2
AGL: 5 (Trump)

Claw Strike [AP 2]
CCM, STR vs DEF FX Dam: 2
EFX: Stun

Pounce [AP 3] (Fatigue)
OVR 5, AGL vs AGL, FX: Dam: 1
EFX: Dam: 1, Stun

One with Shadows [AP 2]
RCT/TGT, AGL vs T# 7, FX: DEF +2
EFX: none

Night Hunter:
Can be deployed outside of Deployment zone but not within 6 inches of Enemy Supreme or Enemy Minion.

Friend of Shadows:
Up to 2 Friendly Supreme in BTB with this model gain Stealth.

I would love to find a model that would work with this. I'm tempted at modifying a Avatar of the Jaguar for this but my modelling skills would let me down.

I'm Bob. I live in Northern Ireland. I write stuff:
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:10 pm
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Interesting ideas. :)

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