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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:24 pm
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I had the chance to run a two part pulp city intro this weekend for a friend of mine. I'd demoed the game for him once before, but this would be his first chance to try out the game with the full rules.

Part 1: Smackdown!

We started with a 4 point game to start him off slowly.

Him: Mourn, Seabolt and Twilight.

Me: Androida, Solar and Chimp Chi.

We both learned a lot this game but one thing really stood out:

- Seabolt is incredibly durable with both flux and molecular manipulation. The only effective way to take him out seems to be with attacks targeting his spirit, which I didn't have, or to hit him on the first activation of a round, before he's had a chance to boost his defenses.

With the quick warmup out of the way, we moved on to...

Part 2: Take and Hold

We kept the same teams from part 1, but moved up to level 8, which is my preferred play size.

I added trail and Six Feet Under. He added the necroplane combo of Supreme Zed and Sanguine. Between those two and Mourn, he also fielded 3 cards of zombies!

This was a much more interesting game. We had two reasonably large buildings on the table and conveniently enough, two of the three center objectives were either inside or right next to one of those buildings.

I deployed strongly in the center with chimp chi deploying on the right side with a couple of cops. My plan was to advance him along the building and support him with the minions.

My opponent deployed seabolt and twilight to counter the poor chimp while sending Sanguine, 6 zombies and Supreme Zed right up the center. Mourn and 3 more zombies were sent to go after the left side, which I'd left undefended.

Highlights and lessons:

-Seabolt was able to Go With the Flow forward which killed both cops and hurt Chimp Chi. I learned the hard way that Blend doesn't help against a massive wall of water!

-Supreme Zed can do massive amounts of damage, but if he's prone on the ground and charged by both Solar and a wounded Six Feet Under, he has trouble taking the counter attacks.

-In a mission where controlling objectives is key, Trail is an supreme to be feared! Despite being close to the center at first, he was able to move Mourn away from the left objective while moving to take it over himself.

-Don't underestimate zombies. With 9 on the table, we frequently had times when their pack tactics made them a legitimate threat. Not to mention, with their ability to not die on a roll of a 6, a little bit of luck makes them that much more annoying.

-Want to help protect Sanguine from Six Feet Under? Use Freelancer to drop your necroplane affiliation. No more hatred!

Overall, it was a great couple of games. My friend seemed fairly impressed with the sheer variety in game play provided by the different supremes. As for myself, I'm even more committed to spreading this game!

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