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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:07 pm
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I'm currently on holidays with my family and aside from getting my daughter interested in painting minis (she's painting Ace of Wraiths and helping with Giant Hadron), I've also had time to play a couple of games. Originally I intended for them to be games to teach my wife to play, but evening routine or the lack of it has conspired against me on that front. So, i played the games against myself, no agendas (since I'd know what they were and even subconsciously be playing for one side to win rather than the other. I simply chose a plot and had at it. Enjoy!


Intro: Rumours of a space craft crash in an industrial area brought Hellsmith and Gator to the scene to investigate and bring back anything of interest. They were met with Ace of Wraiths and Lady Cyburn, with similar aims.

T1: Cyburn moved closer to the alien artifact, cautiously. Gator was the first enemy Supreme and simply charged straight to the object, as he is wont to do. Ace, after making sure Cyburn would be safe from any close-combat attacks, circled round to the right, hoping for a clear shot. Hellsmith too charged in, moving to within an inch of the object. Ace moved further, and with a well-placed shot took Gator's cofidence down a few notches. Hellsmith responded by sundering the earth below Cyburn. She managed to move quickly enough avoid damage. As she moved, she sent a plume of fire towards Gator, enough to make him yelp and negate his body's natural regeneration next turn.

T2: Gator was wound-up now and he charged into Ace, trying to tied him up. And whilst his punch connected, Ace shrugged it off and stepped around him, shooting Hellsmith with a quick shot from Hellstrom. Hellsmith planted himself firmly between Cyburn and the alien object, blocking her way, swinging his Hell Hammer as he came. The blow nearly took Cyburn out, and she retreated across some pipes to relative safety. Hellsmith picked up the artifact and retreated, trying to put some distance between him and his attackers.

T3: Gator charged Ace, knocking him around pretty good this time. But again, Ace of Wraiths simply stepped back, this time pulling his namesake card from his deck and blasting away. Hellsmith stumbled, Gator too, and it was all Gator could do to keep standing. Hellsmith wasn't going to stand for that and charged Ace, but Ace ducked skilfully and the hammer whistled past his ear. Cyburn stepped back into the fight, blasting Gator with fire. It was more than a match for the croc-man, and he went down wreathed in flames.

T4: Ace's luck finally ran out as Hellsmith connected with the Hell Hammer. He went sprawling into a large pile of oil barrels, out cold. Cyburn was shocked. She hadn't anticipated that! But she pulled herself together and blasted away at Hellsmith with her flames. He didn't seem to care, and simply retreated further away from her. She followed, trying not to get too close.

T5: Cyburn, despite having the initiative now, simply couldn't get Hellsmith to turn and face her. Her flames lit the oil on the floor on fire, the smoke filled the air, but Hellsmith, even encumbered with the strange device, kept moving back the way he'd come. Notng would stop him.

T6: She tried desperatly, one last time, to blast him away, but to no avail. The final burst, though, caught his attention, and he turned. "You have no idea what you are dealing with, girl. Forget it and go home." And with a wave of his hand, an earthquake struck. She dove out of the way as an overhead walkway collapsed. When she looked up, Hellsmith was gone. So was the artifact.

Outro: But she was more concerned with Ace. She ran to his side. "Get Hadron; get help," was all he could manage before he slipped unconscious. She did as she was told.


Intro: After telling Captain Hadron and the other members of Heavy Metal what had happened, they traced the object's energy signature as Hellsmith carried it away. An abandoned cathedral, rumoured to be a Forgotten hideaway, was where Hellsmith stopped. C.O.R.E. ordered Hadron and Cyburn to go after it, and Joyride gave them the transportation. They arrived quickly, straight through the double doors. On the remains of the altar lay the object, pulsing with strange light. Next to it was Hellsmith, murmuring softly. Both Supremes charged in, Hadron taking the lead.

T1: Eager for battle, Hadrin sprinted up the centre aisle of the cathedral, passed the ruined pews. It was then that he noticed Twilight moving stealthily down the altar stairs, pistol ready. Cyburn took the left flank and follwed more slowly, not wanting to commit herself fully too early. As the commotion grew, Hellsmith turned from his chanting, face impassive, Hell Hammer in hand. He gestured and the intricate tile work under Hadron buckled, but Handron was quick on his feet and kept his footing. He thrust out his hand and his powerful ray caught Hellsmith full in the chest, causing him grimace uncharacteristally. Bullets pinged off the makeshift sacrificial table at Hadron's side and Hadron saw a puff of smoke where Twilight had been.

T2: Hadron made his move. He let loose another blast of energy, narrowly missing his target. Concentrating hard, his body grew and grew until he towered over the altar and the other Supremes in the room. The vast cathedral arches afforded him a lot space to move. Knowing what was about to happen, Hellsmith charged his enemy, building up his power as he ran. His hammer connected viciously but Hadron's giant form seemed not to notice. Instead, Hadron picked up the ancient god and threw him at Twilight, hiding on the steps. Hellsmith collided and almost knocked her flat, but amazingly both managed to keep their footing. Twilight was angry now, though. She'd only come to gather information and would have preferred to stay out of it, if not for orders to the contrary. She charged, using her stealth and speed to full advantage and landing two solid hits on Hadron before he could react. When he did, it hurt like crazy, but she was able to deflect most of the force. Hellsmith, not to be outdone, moved up, flailing wildly but not connecting.

T3: Hadron's concentration failed him momentarily and he shrank back down to his regular size. Cyburn moved in to offer her support and he found himself with the energy he needed to aim one last blast at the enemy. The ray found its mark, and although not enough to knock out Twilight, with additional power, Hellsmith was rendered unconscious. He fell to the floor with a thunk and didn't rise again. Desperately, Twilight lashed out at Hadron, kicked and punching rapidly. Connecting, she winded him, but it wasn't enough to free herself. Then Cyburn took advantage of the melee and charged in, and with one great punch floored with sneaky sod.

Outro: Both Heavy Metal supremes took stock. Grabbing the artifact and leaving was best course of action, but the opportunity to capture both enemies at once was almost too much. "Our duty is to the people. We need that artifact," Hadron said, not convinced by his own words. He mounted the altar, picked up the device, now emitting a low hum, and they retreated to Wilson's Tower to further investigate.

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