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Author:  pulpcitizen [ Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  SG - Supreme creation tips

Since most of us don't have access to Morf's 'secret calculator' (see below!), and since many of us will assign traits, skills, damage etc to our Supreme Genesis creations, I thought it would be useful to collect relevant posts together for easy reference for future entrants who are interested in this kind of thing:

Morf wrote:
...I have a secret calculator that adds active traits, APs and Damage.

For a guideline (with possible exceptions)

Action Points:

Level 1 - 3 for almost human Supremes and sloooow ones, 4 average, 5 for super fast,

Level 2 - 5 for almost human Supremes and sloooow ones, 6 avarege, 7 for super fast,

Level 3 - 6-7 for almost human Supremes and sloooow ones, 8 average, 8-10 for super fast,


Level 1 - up to 9,
Level 2 - up to 18,
Level 3 - up to 25.

As for Traits - it is a difficult and not always 100% math based calculation. Take a look at all of the "defensive" traits. if they are below 11 for any Supreme, there's got to be a reason for it reflected in skills or Actions.

Weak Team Action is usually 3-4 extra points in Traits. Great set of Skills - 3-4 points less.
And the Actions...If they are all Trump Trait based and deal a lot of Damage or are highly universal, that should be reflected in a statline as well.

On traits:

Morf wrote:
...0-1 is human, 2-3 is trained/skilled human.
5 is the benchmark for powers of mutations, enhancements etc.

Even Level 3's will not be over the top. In the playtests, they have about one 7, but some 4's as well. We are leaving out the 9-10 for Pulp Monsters.

Author:  pulpcitizen [ Wed May 05, 2010 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SG - Supreme creation tips

Beermonkey wrote:
This has been covered a few times elsewhere, but I don't know where off hand so I'll just repeat.

Level 1 are basically Human: stats around 3-4, maybe one at 5 (rare)

AP of 3 for human, up to 5 for very fast characters

Damage of 6 - 10

Level 2 are Supreme: Maybe one or two stats at 5 or 6, rest 3-4.

AP of 5 for slower characters up to 7 for fast models.

Damage of 12 - 16

Level 3 are Super Human: Most stats at 4, one or two at 7, maybe one stat at 8 or 9.

AP of 8 average

Damage of 16+

All Supremes have 4 Actions and a Team Power. One Action is usually a buff or debuff power of some kind. Could be a self buff or a team buff. One power is situational. In otherwords a power that doesn't come into play often but is VERY powerful in the right situation. The other two powers are usually attack powers of some kind. The staples of a character, blasts and special combat attacks etc...

The above stats should be modified by the skills and Team Power your character has. The more skills you have the lower your stats should be. Some skill are actually a hinderance and can give you more points, Instability for example. The team power is also a good balancer. A powerful Team Power can increase the value of a character, while some team power serve to hinder an otherwise powerful Supreme.

Balance what you have against what's out there then play with it. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. Not only did Father Oak and Acorn take a lot of work but I'm helping my room mate Minion perfect Riposte and Quarel (that's 4 Supreme Genisis characters in one house). In addition the two of us and my son are doing all the rules for the Ulthars. We've got a LOT of practice building Supremes. So post up what you've got I'm always happy to give people a hand with Supremes. Heck Minion churns out about 6 Supremes a week, and then I tweak all the rules. We're kinda like Mysterious Man that way...that makes Minion my Xenobi!

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