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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:50 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:23 pm
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Secretly, he's probably my favorite of the initial batch of Ulthars.

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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 6:11 am
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FUNCTION: Mobile skirmisher

BRIEF: Agile master of Alien Ginsu-Death! Libra is everything you want in a martial artist. He’s fast he has some amazingly cool tricks up his sleeve and he hits HARD. He’s also surprisingly resilient if played well.

POWERS: Libra has a good solid, but unimpressive Trait line. Solid 4’s in most everything with a 1 in :ENG and 5 :STR. He is of course and alien and an Ulthar. Otherwise his only Skill of note is Blitzer, which makes him one of the fastest Ulthar in the bunch.

KRAKEN’S GUARD: This is Libra’s only real defensive power. It’s a fantastic first turn power to use. I combine it with Run to put him into a forward position and let him shield his weaker teammates. The Gemini twins especially appreciate being able to shelter behind Libra. While you lose the ability to activate Libra again it’s a good use of 2 AP if you find him with nothing much to do or if he is defending.

SCALES BALANCE: This is just a fantastic SBL. First it only affects Enemy models, second it has a nice large range of 3. Third the model that takes the least amount of damage, is hit a second time. For 3 AP this is a fantastic way to clear out minions or groups of support characters.

REBOUNDING BLADES: This is one of my favorites as it allows Libra to reposition himself while still attacking. Charge a model attack and do damage then you can use the second attack generated to move behind your target to attack a weaker support model behind him. If you do this the second attack is still considered a Charge and you are no longer in Base to Base with the brawler who might be able to Strike back at you! For 2 AP this is a primary attack power and keeps Libra VERY mobile.

TIPPING THE SCALES: The infamous samurai run by attack. This is just an amazingly fun power. Use it to pull enemy brawlers out of combat with your teammates. Use it to get a first strike against a distant foe. So many fun things you can do with this power. Sure you risk taking a solid hit yourself but that’s the price you pay. I’ve used this in combination with Aquarius’s Warriors Challenge to keep Iron Train bouncing like a pin ball across the table unable to really get anything done. In all this is a very powerful ability and in conjunction with other Ulthar Actions can be devastating.

If you don’t have Aquarius on the table I always like to use Final Sacrifice. As Libra falls on his own sword the rest of the Ulthar surge forward 4 inches and gain Fury. This is a hallmark of the Ulthar team. They work together very, very well. Each model is good but together they become incredibly fast, dangerous and very adaptable.

WEAKNESS: The only thing that Libra really needs to worry about is getting so far out of position that his team can’t support him. Between Rebounding Blades and Tipping the Scales and his Blitzer Libra can find himself behind enemy lines and surrounded by turn 1 or 2. Libra is death on wheels but his :DEF and :AGL are not enough to keep him safe for long. Use him like a surgical strike to eliminate the support characters and support your own Brawlers. While he can go toe to toe with someone like Iron Train his relatively low :STR will not do a lot of damage against truly high :DEF models. Hit and run with Libra.

SYNERGIES: The combination with other Ulthar should be instantly obvious. Giving Libra a First Aid kit can be a good idea as his mobility will get him around the field easily and being able to use it on himself can be helpful to say the least. Other good choice might be a Blessing of Hermes to augment his movement and keep him on his feet! For a fun time you can team him with other fast martial artist types like Twilight and Chimp Chi. This can form a fast hard to hit assassin squad that would be able to do a lot of damage and fade away quickly.

Libra is fantastic in both take and hold missions or anything that requires speed and precision striking.

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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 4:52 am
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Fantastic summary. Thanks for the write-up. Something to think about when I field Ulthars next time against Chuck.

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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 7:48 am
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Yeah my son did up most of the stats for Libra making him one of my favorites! Plus he's such a cool model. I love breaking out Libra he just bounces around the table and slices things. It's fantastic.

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