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Author:  Beermonkey [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:43 am ]
Post subject:  ACORN LV 1 NATURE


Hurray for the Trees
Father Oak is Immune/Hurray for the Trees.






BRIEF: Acorn packs a lot of destruction in a fragile little package. If you plan on destroying buildings or terrain of any kind Acorn is a must have. She is also a natural companion to Father Oak. If your looking for a character with a lot of combat potential leave little Acorn in the park where you found her.

POWERS: On her own it all comes down to Reclaim the Land. Any building is going to take damage from a 14 :MND attack. All you have to do is get Acorn with in 8 inches and she can blast away at the building. Afterwards she still has a single AP left to use her Hide n' Seek power and disappear from any danger. Keep one other model close to protect her from any blasts or self blasts and she'll be fine. Remember a blast, aura or self blast doesn't specifically target a model so Hide n' seek offers no protection, plan accordingly.

Use Reclaim the Land offensively to drop buildings out from under characters or drop them on top of them. This works well against Gentleman or other shooting characters who like to hide in or on buildings. Use this power defensively to open new paths for you melee characters or to grant line of sight to a friendly shooter.

Hurray for the Trees is another power that can deal a surprising amount of damage. With a large range though you need to make sure your friends aren't nearby. Hurray for the Trees is almost always combined with a *Move action for this reason.

If you think think Acorn is about to be attacked try and get her near a high :STR model to use That Hurt. Remeber that That Hurt is a simultanious action so even if Acorn is Incapacitated you can still use That Hurt. If you leave Acorn out front sometimes an opponent can't resist getting her out of the way.

WEAKNESSES: Acorn is just a little girl and her stats reflect this. Only her :MND and :AGL are above average human level. You need to keep her safe and use her team power to charm the pants off anyone who might be trying to hurt her in a given round. Really it's the Charming Kid and her Lucky skill that will keep her safe if she's left exposed.

Acorn's low AP allowance means you have to time her activation just right. She can't do much in round, Hurray for the Trees or Earth's Renewel will only leave her able to *Move or use one of her other powers. She's fragile and not very flexable so have a plan when you use her.

SYNERGIES: The Acorn and Oak synergies should be obvious. But if you don't bring her dad any big strong character will do. Acorn need a burly protector to keep her safe and be able to take advantage of her That Hurt power. Rook is actually a very good choice if you're playing villians, or Iron Train if Heroes. Both of those characters are great at keeping Acorn safe, but you'll need to make sure they clear out if Acorn wants to use her Hurray for the Trees.

Author:  Morf [ Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ACORN LV 1 NATURE

The fun part is that taking her without Oak actually reorients her puurpose, making her more effective.
I was surprised one game when I took her for the fun of fielding next to Hellsmith.
In a Level 4 Encounter, she was a competitive Starting Roll player and laserbeam tank against the objective buildings.

Author:  Invader Larb [ Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ACORN LV 1 NATURE

Nice write-up. I think I need to field her without Father Oak a few times to learn how to use her better. But you make an important point. No one short of Apebot can destroy terrain with as much sheer power as Acorn.

I do have a question however. If Hide has her "removed from the table" how can she be affected by anything? Would you not leave a marker on the table and otherwise remove her? I would think she'd be immune to BL and SBL actions, etc.

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