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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:59 pm
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Captain Marvelous wrote:
So, let me get this right in my head -

A Supreme may perform up to two Actions per Activation.

Yes. :)

May be activated more than once.

Per Round; yes. :)

May make a maximum of two Move Actions per round, 1-3 Strikes per round (depending on level), or use its powers/abilities (but not the same one twice).

Yes. :)

Maximum number of Strikes = Level + Fury.

Other Actions generally once per Round, except Move* and Get Up*, and a few exceptional Exclusive Actions.

A maximum of 2 Movement Actions per Round (BTW some Exclusive Actions look like Movement Actions, but are not Movement Actions).

Combine Actions count as one Action - but you have to pay the TOTAL AP for both Actions that are Combined.

Yes, AP are paid even if you chose not to use the second Action, and at least one of the Actions must be marked *. :)

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