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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:43 am
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Out of curiousity, is there like a Super Hero High School in the Pulp City Universe? Marvel has Xaviers, Disney had Sky High, and Mutants and Masterminds has the Claremont Academy.

Just wondering...

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:44 am
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No, I'm afraid Pulp City Supremes are less likely to train the new ones.
Most of the Villains train themselves through the battle and teams like The Coven's Strike Team enroll youngsters to see if they can survive on the battlefield.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:42 pm
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Though that could be an interesting idea of interactive campaign^^ the kind that modifies the official bg.

A Supreme gets the twisted idea to create a school to gather young supremes and thus favor his struggle against the bad guys. This ican also work with a bad guy planning to create an army to dominate the world and then enroll plenty of youngsters to be his soldiers.

Then, how the opposite side will react? How his former team mates will react too? Will they help him? Will they team up with their ennemy so that their former friend does not become too powerful?

At the end of the campaign, several solutions : the so called school is totally destroyed and his founder vanished or killed, or even if he is killed, his work still lives and his leutenant carries on his work after him in the shadow...

That's just a few ideas that cross my mind when I hear about pulp city high, maybe that can inspire someone :)

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:23 pm
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it maybe up to the individuals too... Hellman is training Spark Girl after she's burnt down a couple of buildings and there are rumours of Skiouros training with the Fighting Four...

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:44 am
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In my Cadre, the good Doctor was the first - granted his powers as he was by the Lady of Avalon.

He was closely followed by Nick Hazzard after Doctor Warlock arrived in the US, as Nick is from Seattle.

Then, sometime later Riptide joined the team.

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