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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 12:36 pm
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Guide to the releases:



PPMB01H Heroes Starter Set
PPMB02V Villains Starter Set

PPME01V Villains: Mourn
PPME02M Minion: Sentry Bots (2)
PPME03HV Heroes/Villains: Chimp-Chi
PPME04H Heroes: Harrier
PPME05H Heroes: Six Feet Under
PPME06HV Heroes/Villains: Apebot & Virus
PPME07V Villains: Rook & Francis Gator
PPME08H Heroes: Blood Rose & Trail
PPME09HV Heroes/Villains: Father Oak & Acorn
PPME10H Heroes: Dead Eye & Vigilantes
PPME11V Villains: Dr. Tenebrous & Necro G.I.s
PPME12H Heroes: Dr. Mercury & Chronin
PPME13V Villains: Tangent & Sister Bedlam
PPME14H Heroes: Stoner Hawk & Sgt. Bale
PPME15HV Heroes/Villains: Howler & Dr. Red
PPME16V Villains: Seabolt & Boreas

PPME17H Heroes: C.O.R.E. & Nuclear Jones
PPME18V Villains: Mysterious Man & Xenobi
PPME19V Villains: Sanguine & Super Zed
PPME20HV Heroes/Villains: Vector & Kitty Cheshire

Villains: Efreet & Phalanx
Heroes: Captain Hadron & Lady Cyburn
Villains: Deadliner & Lady in Red
Heroes: Supreme Genesis Issue 2 Winners
Heroes: Virgo & Dr. Tritonious
Invader: Ulthar Sagittarius & Gemini X&Y
Heroes: Supreme Genesis Issue 3 Winners
Invader: Ulthar Gorgoroth & Scorpio
Heroes/Villains: Silverager & Le Murtiple


PPMA01H Heroes Starter Set Resin Bases
PPMA02V Villains Starter Set Resin Bases
PPMA03 Pulp Citizens Tokens Black
PPMA03 Pulp Citizens Tokens Orange


Herald - available through Herald Demo Program.
Red Baron - currently not available
Resource Resin Pack - currently not available
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