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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:08 am
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Ok, I don't ask for much here. I only occasionally whine about the mechaspartans, and maybe I ask about dark Camelot every month or so. And once or twice I have politely inquired about the "red pilot of bavarian decent who must not be named or else he will be lost to the wilds of time forever".

But I really do need to have Super Dinosaur in my pulp city games.

It's a new comic by Kirkman (walking dead, invinceable) and it is awesome. It's like Mask meets transformers with dinosaurs. And pulpy things like hollow earth thrown in simply for the fun of it. It is awesome. The art is slick. The writing is spot on. My kids love it. It fits in with Pulp City perfectly.

So please, pretty please!? C'mon you need some Dino minions for Kodo Island anyway...why not several with cybernetic arms?



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