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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:02 am
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I'm jumping in kind of late since I've been absent from the Pulp scene due to school.

I think new starters would definitely need new supremes to gather sales from both current and new players as has been said.

However, the idea of having a 2 vs 2 starter of both heroes and villains is a huge turn off as I only play heroes. Essentially, those of us who only play one side of the conflict are SOL unless we order things individually (which is bad for brick and mortar stores). In fact, the original villains starter always irked me because it included Guerrilla, who's kind of a big deal for the ARC which is NOT a villain faction (of course, having him repackaged with Chimp Chi would fix this for me).

Basically, what I think would be ideal for most players is still the separate hero and villain starters at around level 6, with all new heroes and villains. I don't think the rules availability will be an issue once the rulebook is out, and a little 'find the rules on the website' note on the box would be enough.

And personally I don't think subfaction boxes are really that necessary. The game plays great without them, and the addition of more SKUs of existing miniatures just clutters store shelves. Having deals on the webstore wouldn't be a bad idea though.

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