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PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 8:09 am
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Just wanting to see what you guys think:

Baron Galaxy :P
Lv1 Blaster

AP+ 2
AP Limit: 3

Sprint 4, Health 5


Str: 3
Def: 4
Erg: 5
Agl: 4
Mind: 5
Spirit: 4


ERG Pistols [AP2]
PRJ 6, Erg vs Agl, FX: Damage 2
EFX: Stun

Dance Off* [AP1]
PRJ 6, Mind vs Mind, FX: Stun and Suppress
EFX: none

Rocket Boots [AP1] [Fatigue]
IST, Erg vs T# 7, FX: Self Shift/6
EFX: Self Shift/2, Evade
Evade: Baron Galaxy's movement becomes Flight 6 until the Effects Phase, cannot use Climb High.


Acerbic Wit: When Baron Galaxy is the target of a Mind or Spirit attack he rolls +1 die

12%: If you use Baron Galaxy for your Starting Roll you may roll +1 die

I'm Bob. I live in Northern Ireland. I write stuff:
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